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Cubs Precision Baseball and Softball Academy
105 West Dewey Avenue
Building C, Unit 10 (upstairs)
Wharton, NJ 07885

Capelli Sporting Center
1741 State Route 17A
Florida, NY 10921

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Jessica specializes in youth pitching instruction. She has 10 plus years of training experience in private, small-group and clinic style pitching instruction. She has mastered the ability to be able to break the windmill pitching motion down into very simple to understand terms and drills for youth pitchers. Jessica focuses on simplifying and correcting basic body mechanics which are the core of the pitching motion. Without a strong foundation youth pitchers cannot reach their maximum potential or get the optimal results they are seeking. Through Jessica's expertise in the biomechanics of the windmill motion, she helps young pitchers attain speed, accuracy, the ability to place the ball to various targets, and the ability to learn how to mix their speeds by learning an effective change-up and off-speed pitch.